Get started with five simple steps!

Sweet Home for Vantage allows you to manage, control, and monitor Vantage Infusion automation systems with iOS devices.
This software is intended for the Vantage installer.
All graphics and programming interface must be implemented within Infusion Design Center.
Please refers to your Vantage Professional Dealer for information about it.
You can start using your DC Graphics in 5 steps. Please follows our step by step guide or download our manual below. 

1. Draw your graphics

Build a touch screen with your DesignCenter

At first, open Vantage Design Center Software. 
To begin with, add a Generic TPT touch screen and try drawing a new graphics.
However if you already have an existing touch screen, you can convert it into TPT touch and follow the same tips described in the next steps as if you have created graphics from scratch.

2. Export Graphics

Export your graphic file locally

When you procured some valid graphics, to proceed choose Design -> Export in Touchscreen Designer.
Click on <Export Files...> and select a local directory to export all files needed.
Now, in the destination folder you will find a configuration file named LCDconfig.xml and all the others graphics resources.

3. Upload Graphics

Prepare and Upload Graphics to your iOS device

In the local directory in which you export the graphic, compress all the file in Zip format, and name the archive Where X is a number from 1 to 4 depending of system position. Every Licence can manage until 4 different system. In Sweet Home configuration you enter parameters of each system. So if you want upload the graphic of first system or you have only one system configured, file name will be
Connect your iOS device to a PC/Mac, then in iTunes, go to File Sharing of the Device. Choose Sweet Home App and copy zip file to destination as shown in the second figure.

4. Activate the Licence

Activate your licence for Online Mode

On your iOS Device go to Settings -> Sweet Home and activate Operator Mode Slide Button (green). After launching Sweet Home app you’ll enter in Operator Mode. Insert the account Email and the Ticket number of your Licence. To activate your licence click on “Activate Connection” button. Status Green Led must became Green and a popup message confirm licence activation. 
Please be sure to have an active internet connection before activate licence.
Following the activation go again on Settings -> Sweet Home and deactivate Operator Mode flag. Now your app is active!

5. System Configuration

Configure all your Vantage System

On Ios Device -> Settings -> Sweet Home, you have to insert parameter for Main System and eventually system from 2 to 4 depending of how many system your app must control. For every system you have to insert a Name, the Local IP address of your Infusion Controller, The Remote URL of your controller (Public IP address or Remote DNS Service address).
Please refer to Software Manual for further parameters configuration.